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Obama will get a “secure BarackBerry.” Cost = $3,350.

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

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“The decision to allow Obama to keep a smartphone is ‘a compromise that allows him to stay in touch with senior staff and a small group of personal friends,’ Gibbs [House Press Secretary] told the media in his first press conference since the inauguration.”

“‘Use will be limited and the security is enhanced to ensure his ability to communicate but to do so effectively,’ Gibbs also said. ‘And to do so in a way that is protected.’ ”

“There are also concerns that mobile devices such as the BlackBerry, which contain built-in GPS technology, could be hacked, revealing the president’s location within a few feet.”

 I hope they remove any GPS capabilities!!!

Obama wins negotiations to check email and keep his BlackBerry!

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

“President Barack Obama is keeping his cherished BlackBerry for personal use, becoming the first sitting president to use e-mail.”

“…the president believes that using a personal hand-held e-mail device is an effective way to keep in touch with people without ‘getting stuck in a bubble.'”

[source: Yahoo!Tech]

You go President Obama! Shall we nickname your device the BarackBerry or ObamaBerry?!